Lake Moondarra Capacity
Friday 2 October 2015 – 50.5%


Lake Julius Capacity
Friday 2 October 2015 – 82.3%

 Blue Gree Algae Level

Blue Green Algae Level - Low

Level: Medium
Date Sampled: 28 September 2015

 Open Data

The Mount Isa Water Board is committed to the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative.

The Board has developed an Open Data Strategy detailing our data assessment processes and identifying data planned for release and the release schedule. The strategy reinforces our commitment to making a range of information available to the community.

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If I have a problem with my water supply who do I call?

All Mount Isa residential customers should contact Mount Isa City Council if they have water supply problems. Mount Isa City Council will contact Mount Isa Water Board if there is a bulk water supply problem.

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Where does our raw water come from?

Mount Isa’s raw water is supplied from either Lake Moondarra or Lake Julius. Lake Moondarra is 13 km downstream from Mount Isa and Lake Julius is more than 60km away. In normal conditions, all water is supplied from Lake Moondarra. However, when there is a drought, water is also supplied from Lake Julius.

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How does the Mount Isa Water Board supply the water?

The Mount Isa Water Board has a network of pump stations, pipelines and power distribution systems from Lake Julius to Lake Moondarra to Mount Isa. The Mount Isa Water Board supplies the major customers’ storage tanks with bulk water when the tank levels drop below a certain point.

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What are blue-green algae?

Blue-green algae are naturally occurring bacteria found in rivers, lakes, soil, tree trunks and other places. In certain weather conditions, particularly involving long periods of hot dry weather, the blue-green algae “blooms” and there is a significant increase in the blue-green algae cell population. The recent local bloom has resulted in unprecedented levels of blue-green algae in Clear Water Lagoon, Lake Moondarra and Lake Julius.

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Are blue-green algae unsafe?

Some species of blue-green algae produce a toxin that can cause a reaction in susceptible people if it is swallowed or gets on the skin. Reactions include a rash, hayfever-like symptoms or stomach aches. Drinking water supplied by MIWB is suitably treated to ensure it is safe to drink.

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