Lake Moondarra Capacity

Monday 26 September 2016 – 61.2%


Lake Julius Capacity

Monday 26 September 2016 – 88.5%

 Blue Gree Algae Level

Blue Green Algae Level - Low

Level: Medium Date Sampled: 12 September 2016

 Open Data

The Mount Isa Water Board is committed to the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative. The Board has developed an Open Data Strategy detailing our data assessment processes and identifying data planned for release and the release schedule. The strategy reinforces our commitment to making a range of information available to the community. Learn More +


Does the Mount Isa Water Board operate as a business?

Yes. The Mount Isa Water Board is a commercialised statutory authority operating under the Water Act. Under the Water Act, it must be efficient and effective, and is required to operate as a commercially successful business. As a commercialised statutory authority, the Mount Isa Water Board is also required to pay ‘tax equivalents’ and dividends when it makes a profit.

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If I have a problem with my water supply who do I call?

All Mount Isa residential customers should contact Mount Isa City Council if they have water supply problems. Mount Isa City Council will contact Mount Isa Water Board if there is a bulk water supply problem.

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How much water does Mount Isa use?

In February 2015, approximately 16.9 mega litres (or 16.9 million litres) of water is being used on average each day in Mount Isa. This equates to approximately 600 litres per person per day.

This water usage is considerably higher than the same time last year. In February 2014, approximately 11.4 mega litres (or 11.4 million litres) of water was used on average in Mount Isa each day. This equates to approximately 400 litres per person per day.

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What else does the Mount Isa Water Board do?

The Mount Isa Water Board is also the trustee for the R48 Water and Recreational Reserve, which includes the area surrounding Lake Moondarra. The Board operates and maintains the public facilities within the Reserve, mainly at Transport Bay, Blackrock and Warrina Park.

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Why does the water smell different?

All of Mount Isa’s bulk water is supplied from lakes and goes through a filtration and treatment process. This process does not remove the slight smell and taste of lake water, but the water is still safe to drink.

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