Lake Moondarra Capacity

Friday 17 February 2017 – 68.9%


Lake Julius Capacity

Friday 17 February 2017 – 99.5%

 Blue Gree Algae Level

Blue Green Algae Level - Low

Level: Medium Date Sampled: 13 February 2017

 Open Data

The Mount Isa Water Board is committed to the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative. The Board has developed an Open Data Strategy detailing our data assessment processes and identifying data planned for release and the release schedule. The strategy reinforces our commitment to making a range of information available to the community. Learn More +


Who owns the Mount Isa Water Board?

The Mount Isa Water Board is a statutory authority. It is owned by and reports to the Queensland State Government.

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Does Lake Julius water cost the same as Lake Moondarra water?

No. Lake Julius is much further away from Mount Isa so it costs approximately twice as much to supply water from Lake Julius compared to Lake Moondarra.

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Why doesn’t the Mount Isa Water Board control blue-green algae in the lakes?

Blue-green algae activity is intermittent and influenced by weather. There are no sure, cost-effective methods that can be used to effectively and safely control the development of blue-green algae in Clear Water Lagoon, Lake Julius or Lake Moondarra. This is a challenge faced by many water authorities throughout Australia.

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Does the Mount Isa Water Board make a profit?

The Mount Isa Water Board has made a profit in most years and has consequently paid taxes and dividends to the State Government.

From the time the Mount Isa Water Board was commercialised in 2000 until 2011–12, all dividends and taxes were passed on by the State Government to Mount Isa City Council, amounting to $28 million poured back into the Mount Isa community over that period.

Current State Government policy is that Mount Isa City Council will receive 50% of the total dividends and taxes generated by the Mount Isa Water Board in a financial year (July to June). However, this is conditional upon the Mount Isa Water Board making a profit for the year.

Provided MIWB makes a profit, the receipt of dividends and tax by Mount Isa City Council offset a significantly proportion of the cost of water charges.

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What else does the Mount Isa Water Board do?

The Mount Isa Water Board is also the trustee for the R48 Water and Recreational Reserve, which includes the area surrounding Lake Moondarra. The Board operates and maintains the public facilities within the Reserve, mainly at Transport Bay, Blackrock and Warrina Park.

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