MIWB celebrates Right to Information Day

28 Sep MIWB celebrates Right to Information Day

Mount Isa Water Board reminds the community today is ‘Right to Information Day’, which is celebrated annually across Australia and around the world on 28 September. Queensland marks this occasion by acknowledging the contribution of the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (RTI Act) to facilitating greater and easier access to government-held information.

“Transparency is a core value for Mount Isa Water Board” Chief Executive Stephen Farrelly said, “we are very keen for our community to understand what we do and the activities we are undertaking on their behalf to ensure a safe and reliable drinking water supply”.

This year’s theme ’A right to information. Play your part’, promotes the importance of information access rights and responsibilities. It highlights that through making information more accessible, government services can be delivered more effectively.

For further information, please contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000, [email protected]