Picnics are welcome but partial closures remain in place at Lake Moondarra

Picnics are welcome but partial closures remain in place at Lake Moondarra

Mount Isa Water Board advises the community that, consistent with the continuing COVID-19 response, there remains partial closures in place at Lake Moondarra ‘Outback Park’, however Transport Bay picnic area and the dam lookout remain open to the public for day-use activities.

In line with the Premier’s announcement, the picnic facilities, including the toilets will be available for use by the community from Saturday May 2nd. The banning of public gatherings of more than two people remains in place except where people live in the same house.

“It is wonderful to be able to go and relax out at the Lake, this place in precious to our community” MIWB Chief Executive Stephen Farrelly said “and that is why it is more important than ever to comply with the social distancing requirements”

“There have been beaches down south which, just after having been opened had to be completely closed down again because these important distancing measures were not being attended too” Mr Farrelly said “We don’t want that to happen at Lake Moondarra, however, we will put the safety of the community first during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic”.

Consistent with previous Government announcements closing children’s playgrounds, Warrina Park, colloquially known as Peacock Park remains closed.

“While closures remain lawfully enforceable, we continue to be hopeful of community cooperation with the measures in place” Mr Farrelly said “thanks in advance for working with us to keep the Lake open”.

MIWB reminds the public that while there are special arrangements during the COVID-19 event, the long-standing rules also continue to apply:
• No Camping
• No Dogs
• No commercial activities

In consultation with the relevant Authorities, MIWB will continue to monitor to ensure all measures were being respected.

Mount Isa Water Board is the Trustee for the 11,000 hectare R48 Reserve for Water and Recreation purposes, the land surrounding Lake Moondarra.


For further information, please contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000,