What We Are Doing

MIWB is a registered water service provider, established as a Category 1 Water Authority under Chapter 4 of the Water Act 2000 to operate as a commercialised statutory authority. We are responsible for the supply of quality bulk water to industrial customers and Mount Isa City Council.

MIWB corporate objectives are to undertake water activities in accordance with the requirements of the Water Act 2000:

  • conserve, store and supply water in bulk to local authorities and industrial customers;
  • take measures to protect the quantity and quality of present and future supplies of water;
  • investigate and plan for future infrastructure requirements;
  • construct, operate and maintain water infrastructure necessary to meet customer demands; and
  • administer and manage property under its control.

MICC supply is assured in accordance with standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

MIWB also acts as Trustee for the  R48 Water and Recreation Reserve, a major catchment area around Lake Moondarra which is the city’s primary water source. R48 Reserve provides a sanctuary for wildlife and popular leisure areas, where MIWB maintains a number of recreational facilities including picnic and play areas and water sports facilities. The Board became the Trustee at the request of the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

The Queensland Government has set objectives for the community including: creating jobs, giving all children a great start, keeping Queenslanders healthy, keeping communities safe, protecting the Great Barrier Reef and being a responsive Government.

A reliable water supply underpins the economy of the Mount Isa region and MIWB continues to invest locally to ensure existing industrial businesses are sustained and emerging businesses have access to this essential, enabling water.

MIWB has maintained a keen focus on supplying safe and reliable drinking water, which is essential to the health of our community.

As Trustee for the R48 Reserve MIWB has responded to the community regarding the value and need for continuing and improving recreational facilities at Lake Moondarra.

In implementing MIWB’s statutory objectives and the government’s objectives for the community, the Board has set a strategy to:

  • ASSURE: ensuring our governance and business management practices are of the highest standard
  • OPTIMISE: improve the long run service output of the asset base and secure service quality and reliability at the lowest sustainable cost
  • ENGAGE: participate in respectful dialogue with our stakeholders, including our local community to develop strategic, mutually beneficial relationships
  • INNOVATE: seek out opportunities to add value for new and existing customers, creating value for our ‘shareholder’
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