R48 Reserve

R48 Reserve, which includes Lake Moondarra, is a popular recreational area enjoyed by the Mount Isa community for water sport, fishing and leisure activities.

MIWB acts as trustee for the reserve on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of recreational facilities within the reserve.

R48 By-laws

MIWB has adopted by-laws which will govern aspects of the future use of the R48 Reserve. For more information go to the by-laws adoption webpage.

MIWB Land Management Plan

MIWB operates a Land Management Plan for the R48 Reserve.

This plan helps to manage the reserve, through:

  • developing and implementing an assessment framework against which to assess applications by Users and potential Users for access and use of the Reserve.
  • provide a means for new and existing Users assessed as appropriate to be granted appropriate permissions and/or tenure within the R48 Reserve (for example, licences or leases).

In developing the plan, MIWB considered R48 Reserve’s primary water purpose; secondary use assessment and legal status; legislative and regulative compliance; and cultural heritage and native title.

Download the R48 Reserve Trust Land Management Plan here.

Lions Youth Camp

Mount Isa Water Board is pleased to report that Mount Isa City Council (MICC) has agreed to lease and operation of the Lions Youth Camp, located within R48 Reserve. All queries regarding the camps operation should be directed to MICC.

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