Correction to 7 February Lake Level

Correction to 7 February Lake Level

The Mount Isa Water Board advises that an incorrect Moondarra lake level was published on the morning of Friday 7 February, and apologises to the community for the error.

“Transparency is an an essential principle for Mount Isa Water Board and we understand the level of interest in the community regarding the lake levels, especially during the wet season” Chief Executive Stephen Farrelly said, “a clerical error has resulted in misinformation being circulated regarding a higher than actual lake level, the error was picked up and our website corrected late the same day”.

The current Lake Moondarra level of 90.3% is the highest recorded level since March 2012.

“It has been a long time since the water was this high” Mr Farrelly said, “the lake is looking fantastic, we have a lot to be thankful for”.

For further information, please contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000,