Filtration Plant Performance Proved During Peak Usage Period

Filtration Plant Performance Proved During Peak Usage Period

MIWB is pleased to advise that the new water filtration equipment has proved its mettle over November, the month with the historically highest water consumption. Production rates of over 25 megalitres per day have been achieved on some occasions during November compared to the targeted average production from the plant of 22 megalitres per day and a November average daily consumption of 21 megalitres.

MIWB Chief Executive Stephen Farrelly said “We are aware that during the supply shortfalls which occurred when the emergency filtration plant was still in place, some people raised concerns regarding the adequacy of the treatment plant capacity. However, the capability of the new permanent plant has been demonstrated sufficient to keep up with the November demand”

The plant has been designed with expansion options built in, allowing for cost effective expansion should Mount Isa’s water needs change in the future. “This modular design has given us the best of both outcome, minimising the cost of the water treatment facility now while keeping options open for the future” Mr Farrelly said.

MIWB encourages thoughtful, waterwise use of our precious water resources.