Mount Isa Water Board continues to invest in a reliable future water supply

Mount Isa Water Board continues to invest in a reliable future water supply

Mount Isa Water Board is investing $2.8 million in the city’s future water supply by replacing 1.2 kilometres of the original Moondarra to Mount Isa pipeline.

The 13 kilometre Lake Moondarra pipeline connects the pumping station at Clear Water Lagoon to the Mount Isa treatment facility and is essential to the supply of 18 million litres of clean drinking water for local residents and 30 million litres of semi-treated water for industrial customers each day. The section to be replaced runs from the Booster Station near the Junction toward the Quarry and has a history of leaks and bursts.

Mount Isa Water Board Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Farrelly said, “The majority, some 70 per cent of the pipeline, is still the original asset constructed by the Mine in 1958 which was purchase by the MIWB in 2010. The section to be replaced has been identified as having a higher risk of breaks compared to the remainder of the original pipeline.”

“Construction beside the Lake Moondarra Road has commenced this week and will continue over the coming months,” Mr Farrelly said “the existing pipe will remain in service until the new section is constructed beside it and a final cut-over occurs.”

Pipeline construction underway

Local water supply comes from Lake Moondarra downstream of Mount Isa on the Leichhardt River and Lake Julius which is 60 kilometres downstream, both sources passing through this critical section of pipe.

“This pipeline is an absolutely essential part of the water supply network and the upgrade will help to ensure Mount Isa continues to have safe and reliable water over the coming decades.” Mr Farrelly said,

“Even though they are out of sight and out of mind for most people, large diameter water pipelines are big investments costing over $2000 for every metre of length. Despite the size of the imvestments involved, the Water Board is proud that our total charges to Mount Isa City Council average less than $1.50 per 1,000 litres which is about half the amount paid by Brisbane water users.”

The pipeline renewal project is one of a number of capital investments during 2020 to upgrade and future-proof Mount Isa’s water supply infrastructure.


For further information, please contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000,