Mount Isa Water Board invites locals to comment on R48 Reserve by-laws

Mount Isa Water Board invites locals to comment on R48 Reserve by-laws

The Mount Isa community will soon have the chance to review and provide feedback on proposed by-laws for the R48 Reserve, and its future use as a recreational area.

Mount Isa Water Board (MIWB) Chief Executive Stephen Farrelly, today announced the Board will release the proposed by-laws for community feedback during a formal period of public consultation commencing 20 January 2016.

“The existing rules for use of the R48 Reserve are not legally binding and therefore cannot be effectively applied,” said Mr Farrelly.

“Mount Isa Water Board, as trustee for the R48 Reserve, must ensure it can continue to effectively and sustainably manage the area, so needs to adopt updated by-laws for the R48 Reserve.

The by-laws govern how the R48 Reserve can be used and cover a range of topics including camping, rubbish disposal, vehicle usage, animal protection and prohibition.

“We recognise that the R48 Reserve, which includes Lake Moondarra, is important to the local community; not only as a safe water source, but also as a popular recreational area,” said Mr Farrelly.

“This is why we are using the by-law consultation period as an opportunity to also talk more broadly with the community about future recreational use of the area.

“We are particularly keen to understand if there is community support for reviewing on when and how camping is permitted and the conditions under which camping could be made more generally permissible.

Mr Farrelly said as trustees for the site, MIWB must ensure the safety and quality of this important water source and its surrounding environment was not compromised.

“Any input relating to camping or other recreational activities on the reserve will need to be viewed with these broader environmental considerations in mind,” he said.

For more information about the proposed by-laws, the adoption process and how to have you say visit MIWB’s website at

For further information, contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000 or