Treatment Equipment Online Ahead of Schedule

Treatment Equipment Online Ahead of Schedule

The benefits are flowing to Mount Isa from the new $9.2 million micro-filtration plant being installed by Mount Isa Water Board. Four of planned five permanent units are now online and operating well, twelve days ahead of schedule.

The further boost to daily production capacity continues even as blue-green algae passed record levels with 6 million cells per millilitre.

Stephen Farrelly, the Mount Isa Water Board’s Chief Executive, said “The new treatment plant is proving its mettle, ensuring water continues to be safe by removing the very high levels of BGA from the water supplied to the Mount Isa City Council”.

Some of the leased filtration units are still in operation, bolstering production from the permanent units, and will be phased out when the remaining process equipment is delivered next financial year.

Following Council’s decision to ease water restrictions today, MIWB has confirmed that water filtration and production is sufficient to supply thoughtful waterwise use.


For further information, please contact Stephen Farrelly: 07 4740 1000,